No.0101 The Horror Post 5 Jackals

The Horror Postの第5回目です!!




 Does it make you want to see it? My first thought.. Donnie Darko. My second thought.. still Donnie Darko. It’s hard to tell how good this film will actually be judging by the poster. Most times it ain’t good to judge a book by it’s cover cause then it may come down to completely dismissing it or getting tricked into it. The poster for Jackals looks like what would be the DVD cover. That being said, my first impression is leaning towards the negative. I could be nitpicking here but the poster font is kind of  like that cheaper downgraded second or third time being released DVD cover font, don’t you think? So does the poster make me want to see it? Not really.. It’s not really doing anything for me. 


Donnie Darko ドニ―・ダーコ(アメリカの映画)
judge a book by it’s cover 見た目で中身を判断する
leaning towards the negative ネガティブな方に傾く
nitpicking 荒さがしをする


 Does it make you want to see it? Alright so one thing’s for sure, the trailer is a step up from the poster. It reveals itself as a home invasion cult movie. Perhaps it could be thrilling enough but on the other hand a bit unoriginal by the looks of it. But who knows? I have a hunch that Jackals will offer straightforward horror kicks, so I’d say enter at your own risk. I do like Deborah Kara Unger and sometimes Stephen Dorff is good, so them being in the film may push me to check Jackals out. So does the trailer make me want to see it? Sure.. If there ain’t anything else good playing then I got 8 bucks to spare. 


reveal 明らかにする
invasion 侵入
enter at your own risk 自己責任で入る
If there ain’t anything else good playing then I got 8 bucks to spare