No.0107 The Horror Post 6 Keep Watching

The Horror Postの第6回目です!!


今回紹介する映画は「Keep Watching」です。


 Does it make you want to see it? Alright so we all know how frightening clowns and dolls can be, so between Pennywise the dancing clown and Annabelle the possessed doll, they’re pretty much health hazards. I don’t know about anybody else, but I have a mild phobia of balloons, and when they go pop I think I might drop. That being said, Keep Watching’s poster presents us with a bunch of balloons strapped onto a camcorder. I’m not overly thrilled about the poster for obvious reasons now, but simply put.. I do like the title. So does the poster make me want to see it? An eensy-weensy bit.. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious, so they’ve at least kept me somewhat interested in watching the trailer. 


health hazards 健康を害するもの
I might drop この場合は倒れる、気を失うという意味
eensy-weensy ほんの少しの


 Does it make you want to see it? So it looks like your typical home invasion horror flick and suitably so, the original title of the film was Home Invasion. I like the title they went with, Keep Watching keeps me curious whereas Home Invasion sounds like a worn out sub-genre that needs to be reinvented.. like sooooon. The trailer’s at a quick pace from beginning to end, it looks straightforward, not really expecting any twists or turns, but it looks fun enough to see on the big screen with big sound and a big bag of buttered popcorn. So does the trailer make me want to see it? I guess it does.. I’ll be watching out for a release date. 

見たくなった?典型的なhome invasion映画でオリジナルタイトルはHome Invasionだった。タイトルは好きで興味はあるけど、一方でhome invasionは廃れたサブジャンルで再考する必要がある。すぐに。予告は最初から最期まで早いペースで、単純で、特別ひねりは期待できないけど、バター味のポップコーンに大音響大画面で見る分には楽しいだろうね。それで見たくなかったって?まあね。リリース日を注意して見ておくよ。

home invasion 家宅侵入
whereas 一方で