No.0117 The Horror Post 7 The Ice Cream Truck

The Horror Postの第7回目です!!


今回紹介する映画は「The Ice Cream Truck」です。


 Does it make you want to see it? I sure do remember the ice cream truck comin’ around the neighbourhood in the summertime way way back in the day, and boy oh boy every kid would come out to give the ice cream man business in exchange for a yummy double or triple scoop of pure fat. Everyone was happy. So they made a movie about it.. Um, a horror movie. The poster is pretty plain almost like vanilla, and we can hardly tell it’s a horror movie. But the tagline is “Suburbia can be a killer.” which kind of hints at either a dark comedy, thriller or slasher, wouldn’t ya say? So does the poster make me want to see it? Yeah man, looks like my kinda flava. 


every kid would come out to give the ice cream man business

a yummy double or triple scoop of pure fat
No.0114 アイスクリーム scoop
Suburbia 郊外


 Does it make you want to see it? The Ice Cream Truck totally looks like one of those low budget films that should be starring either Ron Howard’s brother Clint or Sam Raimi’s brother Ted as the antagonist. Oh and of course, if you threw Bruce Campbell in the mix, ya damn sure the film would undeniably be the sh*t! After checking out the trailer I can now firmly stand by my words, “looks like my kinda flava”.  I’m truly a sucker for these type of movies. If you’re into studio big budget films, this one’s probably not for you. I’m also sold on that synthesized John Carpenter-ish music it’s got goin’ on. So does the trailer make me want to see it? It does.. it might be my flavour of the month. 


sucker 何かに夢中な人
flavour of the month 今の流行り