No.0125 The Horror Post 8 Mayhem

The Horror Postの第8回目です!!




 Does it make you want to see it? Ain’t that Glenn from The Walking Dead? I can honestly say I know nothing about this lil flick. Judging from the poster I’m guessing some kind of virus breaks out at a workplace and that’s when all mayhem & chaos begins. I also have a hunch that it includes a bit of satirical humour and a lot of action rather than the more gloomy and intense films such as Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later and Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza’s REC. Despite which direction it goes, I think we need more of these films to balance out the horror sub-genres. If you can catch this at the cinema, get your bag of popcorn with a few extra shots of butter or if at home, it’s gotta be a big bowl of potato chips and beer for the belly. So does the poster make me want to see it? I could be down.. I hope it lives up to its name. 


Mayhem 騒乱
a few extra shots of butter 日本の映画館では見られませんが、カナダではポップコーン用のバターの機械があって自分で好きなだけ追加できるみたいです。


 Does it make you want to see it? I have a feeling that majority of the ticket sales for Mayhem was based on the appeal of The Walking Dead star Steve Yeun. I do have faith that he can handle this calibre of a film, after all it ain’t unfamiliar territory for him. The trailer is pretty rad, action-packed, and Office Space ish with the infected or undead. Looks like a good mashup of action and horror which I totally expected from the poster. This film deserves to be treated not with high expectations on quality or substance, but high on energy + entertainment, and simply as a pleasurable no brainer. So does the trailer make me want to see it? Fo’ sho’.. Glenn’s about to kick some corporate management ass! 

見たくなった?チケット売上の多くはウォーキング・デッドで名をはせたスティーヴン・ユァンに起因するんじゃないかな。彼ならこの映画をいいものにできると信じてるよ。彼にとっては新境地じゃないし。予告はかなり過激でアクション満載で、Office Spaceっぽいね。ポスターから期待していたアクションとホラーが融合してるようだ。質や物語のおいて強い期待はされないだろうけど、エナジーとエンターテイメント、何も考えずに楽しむにはいい。それで見たくなったかって?もちろん。グレンは何人かの重役のお尻を蹴り飛すとこだ。

calibre 品質
Office Space アメリカのコメディ映画(邦題はリストラ・マン)
no brainer 考える必要のない単純なこと
Fo’ sho’ For Sure