No.0133 The Horror Post 9 Day Of The Dead

The Horror Postの第9回目です!!


今回紹介する映画は「Day Of The Dead」です。

 Does it make you want to see it? This would be the second remake of George A. Romero’s Day Of The Dead. The first remake was released in 2008 and was directed by Steve Miner. This second remake comes exactly a decade later and is called Bloodline. Zombie movies have really evolved throughout the years. We’re used to the traditional slow walking kind, but some films perhaps starting in the early 2000s showed us that zombies can run, remember the past life, and even have feelings. I’d say my all-time fav zombie flick is the highly entertaining and witty rom-zom-com Shaun Of The Dead. Judging by this poster, it looks like we’re probably going back to the old school undeads. The makers may want to stay true to the Romero zombies.. and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. So does the poster make me want to see it? I’m feelin’ 50/50.. this zom-genre is either hit or miss. 

見たくなった?これはジョージ・A・ロメロのDay Of The Deadのセカンドリメイクだろうね。ファーストリメイクはスティーブ・マイナー監督で2008年に公開された。このセカンドリメイクはちょうど10年後に作成されて、Bloodlineというんだ。この数年の間にゾンビ映画はホントに進化した。僕たちは昔ながらの動きが遅いゾンビに慣れてるけど、2000年初期のいくつかの映画では走ったり、過去の記憶があったり、感情すらも持ってたりするゾンビが登場した。僕の最も好きなゾンビ映画はエンターテイメントのあるダジャレがきいたロマンティック・ゾンビ・コメディーのショーン・オブ・ザ・デッドだね。ポスターで判断すると、たぶん昔ながらの作品になりそうな気がする。製作者たちはロメロのゾンビに忠実でありたいのかもしれない。それは間違いことだね。それで見たくなかったって?50:50かな。このタイプの映画は良いか悪いかだからね。

rom-zom-com ロマンティック・ゾンビ・コメディの略
there ain’t nothing wrong with that それは間違いなくいいこと


 Does it make you want to see it? There’s a zombie in the trailer that looks like Heath Ledger as The Joker. Well, there were a few moments that had me mildly amused but there were more moments that left me disappointed and confused. Confused at the fact that if they couldn’t get the first remake right then you’d think they’d know how to improve on it at least the second time around, but.. um.. hmm. I saw the first remake which starred Mena Suvari, Nick Cannon, and Ving Rhames and I didn’t like it one bit. Although, those actors compared to the looks of the cast in this new one, easily rips them apart. In terms of a theatrical release, this movie is already dead and won’t even become undead. It’s more likely to fare better on DVD rental and or sales? So does the trailer make me want to see it? Can’t say that it does.. this one’s a miss. 


rips them apart 打ち負かす
fare better うまくいく