No.0141 The Horror Post 10 The Cured

The Horror Postの第10回目です!!


今回紹介する映画は「The Cured」です。

 Does it make you want to see it? I dunno why, but I like this poster. Back in the day I used to collect horror movie posters, got ‘em straight from the cinema cause I had a friend who worked for a Cineplex Odeon, and once movies were done their run, I had first dibs on those posters. The Cured reminds me of the kind of movie poster I would’ve hung up on my ceiling, and would be the first image I’d wake up to. I suppose the face (the eye specifically) being so closeup makes it more effective for me, just a personal opinion. So judging by the title and that infected-looking eye, there’s no way that this isn’t either an infection flick or a zombie flick. Let’s find out which. So does the poster make me want to see it? You know it does.. I’m hoping this’ll be the cure for cinemas yearly uninteresting first quarter. 

見たくなった?僕は分からないけどこのポスターは好きだ。昔はホラー映画のポスターを集めていて、シネプレックス・オデオンで働いていた友達のおかけでそれらは映画勘からもらうことができた。上映が終わるとポスターの所有権は僕だったてわけ。天井に貼っていたポスターをThe Curedは思い出させてくれてた。アップの顔(特に目)は僕にとっては個人的には効果的だよ。タイトルと感染されたような目で判断すると、間違いなく感染かゾンビ映画だろうね。どっちだろう。それで見たくなかったって?知ってるだろう。この映画が上四半期恒例のくだらない映画をどうにかしてくれることを願うよ。

I had first dibs on those posters ポスターの所有権があった

I’m hoping this’ll be the cure for cinemas yearly uninteresting first quarter

 Does it make you want to see it? I truly believe that if I saw this trailer back in the late 90s or even early 2000s, there’d be no doubt about it that I’d have spent my hard earned cash on a full priced ticket. And not that The Cured doesn’t look good cause it actually looks good enough, but I suppose infection flicks aren’t as fresh as they used to be. But let’s give it the benefit of the doubt, Ellen Page is a more than decent actress, the effects look good, the scare factor may be above average. All in all, the trailer gets the job done, but my interest level dropped. I really do like the poster though. So does the trailer make me want to see it? It could’ve, it should’ve, but unfortunately it didn’t.. 


But let’s give it the benefit of the doubt 多めに見る
give the benefit of the doubtをこのままセットで覚えましょう。日本語に直訳すると解釈するのが難しいので、満足していないことや納得していないことに対して多めに見る、許す意味合いがあります。

Ellen Page エレン・ペイジ