No.0195 コロナウイルスへのカナダの対応





Well things have really changed here. The city is on lockdown, no work, no school, no gatherings. We are practicing social distancing at the moment. Didn’t seem too serious until the prime minster announced a state of emergency at the beginning of the week. How are things there? Hope you and the fam is doing good.

lockdownsocial distancing日本でも馴染みのある言葉が使われています。

Yeah you better get masks if you can find em somewhere. Has the PM advised to stay home recently? Let’s hope the world goes back to normal soon.

PMとはPrime Ministerで安倍さんのことです。

Man, every other country is wondering “how can Japan be all good?” This covid19 is deadly. Well, be extra cautious when going out, yeah I would advise that your family don’t go out unless very necessary.

I think in Japan the death toll is now around 85. Canada is is just under 500, America is climbing up to 17,000. Craziness.. I normally would only go out to do the groceries.

the death tollは死者数のことです。

The Prime Minister put a benefit relief package together for workers effected by the outbreak. So everyone will be receiving $2000 a month for four months. My wife already received her cheque. I’m waiting for mine.

a benefit relief packageは救済給付金のことです。