Rodney “AkA” Rojo was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Currently works as a part-time English teacher, and a full-time father of one who resides in the Kansai area of Japan.

Brought up in the diverse city of Toronto where multiculturalism has always been welcomed and accepted. It was there that the Japanese community of exchange students, musicians, and avid travellers would play an enormous part on his future.

Favourite past-times include collecting beer glasses & coasters, barhopping & drinking world beer, playing old school video games, Texas Hold ‘Em, watching horror films, horror TV series, listening to horror film scores, collecting horror memorabilia, just anything horror related.

Looking further down the road, something involving music or fashion would be ideal. In terms of music, to gain more knowledge on producing, composing, writing, recording, and engineering has become apart of daily life and quite therapeutic. On a fashion sense, appearance & style reflects on personality & traits. A good sense of fashion makes life that much better. My motto is: “Don’t catch up with the trend, let the trend catch up with you.”